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brown girls yoga is an invitation to folks who self identify as Indigenous, Black or People of Color and who are gendered or misgendered as female, womyn, grrl, girl. 

Brown Girls Yoga offers yoga classes to self-identified people of colour, across levels, promoting body positive consciousness with an emphasis on love. We cover a variety of yoga styles such as Hatha, which focuses on proper alignment, breath connection and mindfulness. As well as Vinyasa, (known as a flow class), that incorporates a series of poses synchronizing the breath (inhaling and exhaling), with the movement of postures.

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The classes we teach also incorporate meditation with restorative poses. As marginalized communities are not imagined in how yoga is practiced and marketed in North America, our aim is to empower the communities we serve providing them with a toolkit of techniques that they can use in their daily lives thereby making the practice of yoga accessible.

We work and teach from a feminist, anti-racist and anti-oppression framework, and the spaces we emerge from are also queer and trans* positive.


Cassandra Lord



A space opening and offering that holds the spirits and bodies of Black, Indigenous & Women Of Color and all others who self identify as woman not limited to and  inclusive of trans folks.

A space that acknowledges  those held here as living breathing evolving humanities entitled to healing affirmation celebration and elevation as needed to live freely fully and holistically on earth.

For many held here, self-care and healing are political acts and not privileges. The voices held here create the shape of the space  not to form one voice but to make space for many...and that voice is expressed moment to moment through its ever expanding and evolving needs.

Fiercely defending and nurturing the often marginalized and invisibilized beings of those held here understanding that intentional space must be created to authentically meet the vulnerabilities and narratives individual and collective held in these bodies.


Tuku Matthews

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